My “go-to” sites

Sites I use often for teaching/preaching/worship:

  • is a great site for all things liturgy. There is lots and lots of stuff, but I mainly use the calls to worship.
  • is a fantastic resource for interlinear NT and OT. I find word studies helpful, and this site allows me to identify Greek and Hebrew words, which I can then study further with a lexicon.
  • Blue Letter Bible is where I do all my lexicon work studying words.
  • is where I go to find hymn lyrics.

United Methodist Sites I Frequent:

People I Follow:

  • Chris Ritter is a United Methodist pastor who always provides great insight in a calm and clear manner.
  • David Watson is another UM that I enjoy reading. He serves in the academic world at United Theological Seminary.
  • Marty Smith’s America The Podcast is a weekly listen for me. Marty Smith is an ESPN contributor and has some great interviews and humor.
  • The Robcast is the podcast of Rob Bell. Some episodes are good, others are great, and some I don’t listen to. Hit and miss, but the “Hits” are great.
  • Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend is usually pretty good. Some great interviews with comedians/actors.
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