Many people, including myself, are wondering what the future holds for the United Methodist Church. While no one knows the answer, there are many people and groups working on possible solutions. For many years I was in favor of whatever kept the United Methodist Church together as one church. I hoped we could be the one mainline denomination that could remain together despite our differences over the issues relating to human sexuality. The 2019 Special Called General Conference convinced me my hope is not possible and division is not only inevitable, but necessary. Like everyone, I am still processing the possibilities, so here are the best articles I have read, and I offer them to assist you as well.

  • The Indianapolis Plan is named for the city where a diverse group of United Methodists met to discuss options. This is their recommendation, which will be turned into legislation, and submitted to the 2020 General Conference.
  • Frank Holbrook offers the story of Paul and Barnabas as a way of seeing the future of United Methodism. There is no specific plan presented, but rather a way of looking at the future.
  • Bishops David Bard and Scott Jones, who represent differing theological positions, offer a plan that will become legislation, and submitted to the 2020 General Conference.
  • Retired pastor Bob Phillips offers some helpful insight.

This is a mere sampling of the mountain of material written on the subject of United Methodism’s current and future reality. I encourage you to educate yourself, and ask any questions you need to ask, and I will do my best to respond. Happy Reading!