Like most people I was deeply saddened to see not one, but two senseless acts of violence over the weekend. My heart aches for the people of El Paso and Dayton, and they will be in my thoughts/prayers for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, it did not take long for social media and other outlets to fire up, seeking to place blame for these events on any number of people/things. Some say it’s the result of a lack of gun control. Others blame violent video games. Political figures, including the President, are in the cross-hairs. I’ve seen the words “White,” “Supremacy,” and “Nationalist” countless times.

As best I can tell, the blame game centers around one key issue: making sense of the event. If we can determine blame, then we will know WHY this happened. This is unfortunate because, in my opinion, you can never make sense of the senseless.

Our society doesn’t deal with this reality well. We like to logically, rationally, or scientifically explain everything. We are very much an A+B=C society. But that doesn’t work here. You cannot make sense of the senseless. I regularly utter these words when people struggle to understand the thoughts of others, usually in an attempt to change their mind: you cannot remove with logic that which was not obtained through logic. This is where we are in the aftermath of these shootings: you cannot make sense of the senseless. No matter how hard you try. No matter how much you want to. No matter the difference it would make if we only could. You cannot make sense of the senseless.

What you can do is offer prayer and tangible support to those suffering. Speak openly to those under your influence about being accepting and loving of God’s children, especially those who look, act or think differently than you. Fight the tendency to pile on the blame game. Hug your children, and other people’s children. These are just a few of the things I can (and will) do in the wake of these acts. Won’t you join me?