Although I never watched the movie “Click” starring Adam Sandler, I’ve always found the idea of an omnipotent remote control of life to be interesting. As I sit here tonight I find myself wishing I held such a contraption. Now I certainly don’t want to “wish away” my life. But in one specific area I’d like to fast forward.

I am a lifelong United Methodist. I am an ordained pastor in the United Methodist Church. Since before I was even born, the church I love and serve has been discussing (in the beginning), debating (80s to mid 90s), and fighting (late 90s to the present) about sexual ethics. Our doctrine affirms the sacred worth of all of God’s children. Every church I have served has welcomed all people to participate in the life and leadership of the church. But our doctrine does not permit UM pastors/churches to officiate/host same sex weddings, and does not allow for ordination of “self-avowed,” “practicing” LGBTQIA+ people.

Every 4 years the legislative body of our church has affirmed this stance. At a Special Called session this year it was affirmed yet again, with some enforcement measures added to ensure compliance. The next regularly scheduled session is under a year away and my newsfeeds are more full than ever.

This post is not to highlight the pros or cons of any specific plan, or offer a well thought out plan of my own. There are plenty of those out there for people to read. This post is my therapy. This post highlights my desire for Adam Sandler to hit “Fast Forward” and get to the other side of this issue so I can move on.

I am one of the most practical people I know. As a pastor I rarely use big words or expound on fancy theories. I want to understand the practice application of God’s word, help others do the same, and then work together with God’s people, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to bring God’s Kingdom to earth. I believe there is power in the church when God’s people are following His leading. I felt it first hand when (as a teenager) my mother passed away and my home church wrapped its arms around me and raised me. I’ve seen it when the church surrounds a family going through tragedy with love, support and care. I’ve worshipped and prayed with people whose lives have been radically transformed by the power of Jesus. It’s for these reasons I became a pastor. I live for the everyday, practical moments. And quite frankly I’m ready to fast forward so my ministry and church don’t feel like they’re waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Anyway, I’ve rambled on for too long about this because it is what it is and I’ve just got to pray a little more and grin and bear it! But if you have one of Adam Sandler’s remotes lying around, can I borrow it?